Sunday, 26 June 2011

Metasploit - How to log the output of what you are doing

Yes, I admit it, I also was one of the people scrolling up and down to find the information I was looking for in a module's output, or copying the whole stdout to a file in order to make my life a bit easier. As of revision r13028 [1] the console now supports the spool command.
(To access the new command, use the msfupdate command on Linux (or just "svn update") or the Metasploit Update link on Windows)

No more hassle, you can use the spool command to log all the stdout to a file automatically! So, while in metasploit, you can type:

spool on


spool /root/msfoutput.txt

and anything you do will be logged in that file (all output will always append).

If you want to stop this just type:

spool off

As a quick tip, you can either check the contents of the log file by using the 'cat' command or follow the stream as it is being generated by using the 'tail -f' command

Hope you find this helpful as I did! :D


Monday, 16 May 2011

Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

This is a proper quick-list for freeing disk space on your Win7 System. Obviously, if you want to free up space consider uninstalling unwanted programs using the Programs and Features feature in your Control Panel. Also, consider running a search for large files that you might have missed/forgot to delete (such as virtual machines, music video files or installation package). Compared to other lists on the web, the order in this list is actually important