Tuesday, 15 July 2003

One blog to rule them all..

After all these years of researching and posting in various blogs, forums etc, I decided to create a centralized repository for posting ideas, projects, solutions, suggestions and sometimes discussions about the latest issues around Information Security and Computer (anti)forensics. Bare in mind that anything posted in this blog is product of my own work and/or research, except it is stated otherwise, in which you will find all the relevant references. If you think I have missed a reference, please, do let me know. 

Any posts, ideas, examples, any part of the work, files, pictures, etc, found on this blog can be used freely as long as the appropriate reference is made back to my twitter account: @drgfragkos

Finally, any opinions expressed in this blog are personal opinions. Any code, programs and/or ideas found on this blog are given out as proof-of-concept and not for malicious usage. The purpose of the blog is to further understand and discuss Information Security, CyberSecurity, CyberDefense and Computer (anti)Forensics by looking into the strengths and/or weaknesses from different angles, through discussions and/or coding examples.

Hope you will have a fun ride..

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