Monday, 3 February 2014

Guest Speaker for Derby University (Digital Forensic Investigation Course) - Cyber-Security and Cyber-Defence

I was very excited to be invited by the Derby University once more and more specifically by the Digital Forensic Investigation Course in order to give a talk. The title of the talk was "Cyber-Security and Cyber-Defence in the industry and financial services utilising Penetration Testing and Computer Forensics".

The talk focused on the current Cyber-Threats, Cyber-Security and Cyber-Defense tactics. It introduced to the participants different types of security services, which included threat assessment, threat intelligence and threat management solutions. The talk also gave the students an opportunity to hear about the most successful vendors in the security industry.
Figure 1 - Guy Fawks Mask as a Rorschach Test

The trends in cybercrime were discussed along with why cybercriminals participate in cyber-gangs and the reasons why cybercrime is still successful. More specifically the talk looked into the reasons why cybercrime has a presence, how much does it pay, explored the increasing scope, scale, and complexity of cybercrime impacting the industry at the moment, how cyber-espionage is involved and how can we focus on real-world strategies to avoid being targeted.

A number of tools and techniques were introduced to the students along with a practical session on how easy would it be to create their own version of a malware capable of evading AntiVirus detection. All this raised their awareness and made start thinking outside-the-box when it comes to this fast evolving threat landscape of cyber-threats.

I do believe the students enjoyed the talk as the feedback was exceptional. I do hope they gained enough information during the day to go back and start looking into cyberthreats more closely and with a better understanding.

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