Sunday, 29 June 2014

BSides Manchester 2014

It was really nice to be invited to present at BSides Manchester (@BSidesMCR) this year [1]. Very interesting talks and one of the most organised events I have ever been. On-time information on the website and clear instructions about the event . I really enjoyed both days and tried to attend as many talks as I could. 

On the second day, I was presenting about the security of Point of Sale (POS) devices. These devices have a number of “features” which can be used to allow someone to deviate from payment process in a number of different ways. More specifically, it is possible to complete a transaction without actually being charged, pay with someone else’s card without knowing the PIN or even get paid instead of paying. The presentation gave a good understanding on how these devices work and basically demonstrated a number of “magic tricks” on how one could actually live for free! I was overwhelmed from the number of people attended the talk and their enthusiasm on the subject. Thank you all for your kind words, tweets and re-tweets, much appreciated.

There was a lot of positive feedback. I tried to keep it sort and straight to the point because I knew there are going to be a lot of questions at the end. Well the Q&A went on for surprisingly 30 minutes. 

We stopped when the time was up, as freakyclown (@__Freakyclown__) was next on stage with a very entertaining talk regarding physical security assessments, social engineering and funny stories from the field.  

I met a number of interesting people and overall it was a very well structured event. 

Looking forward to next year.


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