Monday, 10 November 2014

Vulnerability Scanners you should know about

The discovery and patching of security vulnerabilities can be a very difficult and a time-consuming task, especially without the use of a proper vulnerability scanner. 

The following, is a list of the most well-known vulnerability scanners currently available in the market. A security consultant should spend some time to familiarise himself/herself with these scanners. Find the scanner that is most suitable for your needs and use it to scan your network infrastructure for security vulnerabilities. Go through the reports these scanners generate and engage in remediating the vulnerabilities discovered. This can be an invaluable experience when it comes to becoming able to understand security issues affecting large network infrastructures. 

Some of these scanner can be used under a free license for personal use. 

01) Nessus

02) Nexpose

03) CORE Impact Pro -

04) OpenVAS

05) QualysGuard

06) MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser) -

07) Secunia PSI

08) Retina

09) Acunetix -

10) SAINTscanner

11) GFI Lan Guard

If you know of a vulnerability scanner that you have used and it is worth mentioning here, let me know and I will add it to the list. 

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