Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to quick split an .mp3 file using Linux

Sometimes you just need to split an .mp3 file and it is convenient to know how to do this under Linux. When you simply need to split (cut) an .mp3 file there is no need for advance editing and/or transcoding tools. 

Using my Kali distribution, I installed the mp3splt application.

$ apt-get install mp3splt

After that, everything was easy enough. Just run the following command. As you can see I wanted to split the file and get the chunk from the beginning (00.00.00) until the 3 minutes and 43 seconds (03.43) into the song. The original file was the live.mp3 and the new file to output is the live_new.mp3 but all that is straight forward to the trained eye. 

$ mp3splt live.mp3 00.00.00 03.43 -o live_new.mp3

Beat in mind that mp3splt is powerful tool and can do many things for you if you want to play around with mp3 files. Find out more at its on-line man page here.

If you want to play your .mp3 file from the command line one of the tools you can is mplayer. You can find a list of short-cuts this tool supports here.

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