Sunday, 7 June 2015

InfoSec 2015, BSides London 2015 and 2600

My first time at InfoSec was something like ten years ago, or more. It was interesting to see how the event has evolved over the years. Once again, it was really exciting to be among so many colleges in information security during InfoSec and Security BSides London

As always, I enjoyed my rounds at InfoSec and that I had the chance to chat and catch up with a number of people from the Information Security community and to a number of vendors about their products and their cybersecurity strategies for the next year. 

As you are aware, I was presenting at Security BSides this year, and I believe that the talk went really well as it had some very good feedback. The room was packed with many people standing all around the room, sitting on the floor and also listening from outside room as there was no more space inside. I had a small surprise prepared for the people who attended my talk. I brought RFID block sleeves to give out which they can use to protect their contactless cards. The RFID block sleeves prevent the use of a contactless card while it is inside the sleeve. That way, the card holder data cannot be read by an unauthorised person who happened to walk next to you with a scanner or charge your card (accidentally or intentionally).
I had the opportunity to speak to most of the participants and share a couple of drinks with them at the MWR after-party. Xavier as always, did an amazing wrap-up of the event which you can find it at this link
I was a young boy when I first discovered 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. I was trying to find as much information as possible about the hacks 2600 was publishing. I was very excited to be invited to the 2600 London meeting on Friday. I did meet some very interesting people there and had a lot of fun. 
As you obviously suspect the main subject was hacking but most importantly, the awesome side of hacking. I had a very good time with all the people attending the 2600 London meeting and had a few drinks at the same time.

Looking forward to the next InfoSec in 2016 and to the #BSidesLDN2016 event. I am definitely going back for another 2600 in the near future. 

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