Friday, 18 December 2015

FireEye critical vulnerability

Google's team in Project Zero discovered a critical vulnerability in FireEye NX, EX, AX and FX network security devices that run on security content version 427.334 or prior versions.
An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to gain persistent access and remotely exploit code. It is good to see that FireEye focused this time towards patching the security flaw and did not try to take legal action, like previously, for the vulnerabilities discovered by the German security firm ERNW). 

FireEye responded with a support alert stating that a patch was released through automated security content updates for all of the affected devices. FireEye is making the patch available for “out-of-contract customers” and the firm warned customers who perform manual security content updates, to “update immediately”.

The flaw discovered by Project Zero follows an earlier series of vulnerabilities discovered by the German security firm ERNW. FireEye filed an injunction against ERNW in September after learning that the firm was planning to release findings on vulnerabilities that it discovered in FireEye's operating system

It was proven that it was possible for an attacker to root the FireEye's network security device by simply tricking a victim into clicking on a link contained in an email. 

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