Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Critical vulnerability found in glibc

A critical vulnerability has been found in Glibc. The critical flaw affects nearly all Linux machines, as well as API web services and major web frameworks. Glibc is the GNU C library which was at the core of last year’s GHOST vulnerability. 
The flaw, CVE-2015-7547, effects all Linux servers and web frameworks such as Rails, PHP and Python, as well as Android apps running Glibc. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Google and Red Hat and a patch has been made available. Google has released further information on the issue in its advisory

It is strongly suggested to patch all effected systems immediately, as this vulnerability is considered critical and could be exploited for malicious reasons (allows remote code execution). More specifically, the vulnerability effects all versions of Glibc since version 2.9 and there are no temporary mitigations that can be implemented until Linux machines are patched. 

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