Wednesday, 27 July 2016

0x Haxors - Deck of Playing Cards (hexadecimal)

Ever wanted a #geek version of a deck of playing cards based on the #hexadecimal numeral system (68 cards)? At last, a deck of playing cards based on the hexadecimal numeral system, also known as HEX. (meaning this is a custom-made deck that has 68 cards, not the 52 standard deck). ..check this Kickstarter project out!

Then you should check this out: 

This project in order to be completed needs to place an order for a custom design (graphics included) and a custom cut for these cards. All existing playing-cards printing facilities (patterns) are made to print the normal 52 cards deck and in this case we need way more: 68 custom high quality prints and cuts. (special packaging for each deck is needed as well)

Thus, by backing this project you will help with the significant cost of placing a custom order for designing and printing this special set of cards
We are aiming to make the cards high quality in order to last longer when you play.

So, to summarise: 
Please note that making a deck or 68 cards, instead of the standard 52 cards, it means that even the packaging is custom-made and the cost involved is WAY HIGHER that simply changing the drawing on a standard 52 cards deck.

  • Graphics (by a professional graphic designer). 
  • High Quality print 
  • Quality cards with clear plastic coating to last longer and fill nicer (than paper cards). 
  • We want them to be water resistant as well. 
  • Special Order to print 68 cards for each deck
  • Packaging design and making to fit 68 cards. (packaging need to be custom made) 
  • Staff costs to pack all these decks and ship them worldwide.
Please, help this project to become a reality!

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