Thursday, 16 March 2017

IBAN Country List

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) that originates from a member or joining country of the EU or the EEA. FYI: Switzerland and other countries that have adopted the use of IBAN. 

A couple things about the IBAN

Instructions for Screen or Braille Reader users

  • This IBAN Checker validates the format of an IBAN which you can either type or paste into the input boxes.
  • The results of validation are normally shown on the screen. To receive the IBAN Checker results in a dialogue box that your screen reader should be able to interact with, check the first checkbox that you come across in the form. The prompt for this box reads 'Screen reader users please check this box to receive the results of the IBAN Checker as a dialogue box'.
  • Two sets of input text boxes are provided for you to enter your IBAN for checking.
    • The first set of nine input text boxes allow you to type in the IBAN four characters at a time.
      • You will need to tab from one text box to the next.
      • Each text box will only allow a maximum of four characters.
      • The IBANs have a specific format, and some possible formatting errors are detected as you are keying characters into these text boxes.
      • These errors are notified to you in dialog boxes with an OK button which you must action before you carry on.
      • When you action these dialogue boxes you should be aware that incorrect input is not cleared out of the input text boxes.
    • After the multiple input boxes there is a single longer input box into which you can type the complete IBAN. Or alternatively you can paste the IBAN into this box if you have received it electronically - ie in an email.
    • Typing into any of the multiple input text boxes will clear out any characters you may have typed or pasted into the longer input text box.
    • Similarly typing or pasting into the longer text box will clear out any characters you may have typed into the multiple input text boxes.
  • Two buttons are provided on the form.
    • The first button triggers the checking of the IBAN you have entered.
    • The second button clears out all the input text boxes.
- Each IBAN has a predefined length (depending the country it belongs to).
- Each IBAN has a country prefix.
- The IBAN should not contain spaces when processed electronically (or the word 'IBAN').

In case someone needs this information, I will just leave that list below :)

Country IBAN Length IBAN Prefix
Albania 28 AL
Andorra 24 AD
Austria 20 AT
Belgium 16 BE
Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 BA
Brazil 29 BR
Bulgaria 22 BG
Croatia 21 HR
Cyprus 28 CY
Czech Republic 24 CZ
Denmark 18 DK
Estonia 20 EE
Faroe Islands 18 FO
Finland 18 FI
France 27 FR
Georgia 22 GE
Germany 22 DE
Gibraltar 23 GI
Greece 27 GR
Greenland 18 GL
Hungary 28 HU
Iceland 26 IS
Ireland 22 IE
Israel 23 IL
Italy 27 IT
Jordan 30 JO
Kuwait 30 KW
Latvia 21 LV
Lebanon 28 LB
Liechtenstein 21 LI
Lithuania 20 LT
Luxembourg 20 LU
Macedonia 19 MK
Malta 31 MT
Mauritius 30 MU
Moldova 24 MD
Monaco 27 MC
Montenegro 22 ME
Netherlands 18 NL
Norway 15 NO
Pakistan 24 PK
Palestine 29 PS
Poland 28 PL
Portugal 25 PT
Qatar 29 QA
Republic of Azerbaijan 28 AZ
Romania 24 RO
San Marino 27 SM
Saudi Arabia 24 SA
Serbia 22 RS
Slovak Republic 24 SK
Slovenia 19 SI
Spain 24 ES
Sweden 24 SE
Switzerland 21 CH
Tunisia 24 TN
Turkey 26 TR
UK 22 GB

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