Sunday, 4 March 2018

Security BSides London 2018 - Logo competition

This year I decided to submit a design for the Security BSides London annual logo competition. The theme for this year's event is:
"BreachDay Clock: 2mins to midnight"

Due to this year's theme, I decided to make a design that illustrates a binary clock. The binary clock is set to 23:58:00, hence, the "2 minutes to midnight". The time instead of being represented in decimal, it is represented in hexadecimal, hence the 17:3A:00. The number 1528273800 represents the epoch Date & Time of the human readable format of the Date & Time for this year's Security BSides London 2018

GMT: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 8:30:00 AM

You can find all submissions here and make sure you vote your favorite one! 

The first logo is for a white background and very simple. The Grey was chosen because of the whole idea that we are currently two minutes to breachday (aka doomsday). 
I wanted to create a different version for a black background (a black t-shirt). The following illustration is how I imagined the logo should look like on a dark background. 
I also tried different backgrounds, like dark blue and red. 

The whole idea behind the logo design was that I wanted a logo that you can put on a t-shirt and won't necessarily be straight forward that it is from a conference. People who know what it is, will recognize it instantly, people who know binary but not the conference will get it, and those who are not familiar, will want to learn what this is (and learn something new). I think the binary clock and the epoch time makes it geeky enough, and the hexadecimal time makes the binary clock a bit more like.. a clock. :D

I really hope you like it and it is voted, it would be amazing! 

As always, the logos submitted will be voted by the logo team, and the top five will then go to the community vote. The artist behind the chosen logo will receive a much prized ticket to the event, receive respect and kudos for designing the @BSidesLondon 2018 logo.

Deadline is currently set to 1 min to midnight on March 5th, 2018 GMT.

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