Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Was I just overcharged for a free copy of Windows 10 ???

Everyone is talking about Windows 10, and articles pop out left and right informing people about the new and technically the "last version of" Windows you will ever need! Well, to rephrase that, Microsoft is presenting Windows 10 as "the last version of Windows" you’ll ever need to get. After that, you will receive regular feature updates and product improvements.
Anyhow, I was wondering if there is anything I need to do in order to download the newest version. I already had the little "Get Windows 10" icon on my taskbar since June anyway. I decided to click on it and check if there is a new message about downloading Windows 10. 

Surprisingly, the download had already started by itself! I did not get asked if I wanted to begin downloading the 2.7GB (not 100% sure about the total size) or if I would like to store the download to a different location than my local hard disk. You see, in order to increase my OS's performance I replaced the built-in HDD with an SSD and those do not come with an extensive capacity, at least not one I could afford to buy.

I had my laptop connected to the Internet through my phone's hotspot. Which means my laptop started downloading Windows 10 over the 4G network. I clearly believe Microsoft could/should have popped up a message saying something like "Windows is ready to download and it will take x amount of space. Would you like to begin downloading now?". Is that too much to ask???

Once the download finished, the following screen popped up. Funny enough, it is not clear if hitting "Accept" will actually begin the transition to Windows 10 or what will actually happen if I hit "Decline"!
I decided to be a daredevil and to hit Accept. I thought to myself; it is Microsoft, they probably going to have a message that clearly states somehow that the upgrade process starts NOW! 

Likely, I was right about that. There was another screen stating clearly if you would like to start the upgrade process now or schedule it for later. 
My only problem was that the "Schedule it for later" gave me specific options. I could only choose between 29-31 July 2015 at any time of those three dates. Does that mean I cannot postpone my upgrade to be done in August??? I need my laptop to be fully functional with no issues for the next couple of days. Is there anything I need to do? What happens if the upgrade corrupts my installation?? I am scared now..

As Microsoft states, be advised that some Windows 10 features require advanced hardware and some existing features have been modified or removed. If you would like some more information check this link

Here you can download Windows 10 manually from Microsoft:

If you would like to how to trigger Windows10 installation manually:
- Enable Automatic Updates
- Launch Command Prompt in Administrator mode
- Enter command: wuauclt.exe /updatenow

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