Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to force downloading/upgrading to Windows 10 on a VM for testing

I really wanted to test Windows 10 migration before I updated my Windows laptop. I decided to install a copy of Windows in a VM and upgrade that copy to Windows 10. Once I had Windows installed, I run Windows Update and got all the latest updates for my installation. But, the Windows 10 logo on my taskbar (Get Windows 10) did not appear. I restarted a couple of times just in case and run Windows Update again, but still nothing. 
Even though I could download an ISO image of Windows 10 or force the update through wuauclt.exe /updatenow, I discovered that the best way to do this is through the task scheduler which initiates the upgrade process as intended. Before you begin, you should navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and delete all the files in that folder. 

Search for Task Scheduler or find it in the Control Panel. On the left hand side you will see: Task Scheduler (Local) and below that Task Scheduler Library. Click on the little arrow on the left and start navigating to the sub sections. You will need to locate the folder Setup in this path: Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Setup

Within the Setup folder you will find two folders: gwx and GWXTriggers

Firstly click on gwx and you will see on the right hand side a list of actions (Run, End, Disable, Export, etc.). Click on Run. Once you do, the Windows 10 logo should appear in your taskbar. If not, go to GWXTriggers folder and click the Run command. You should now have the Windows 10 logo on your taskbar. Double click the Windows 10 logo that appeared on your taskbar and reserve your copy to be downloaded. 

One downside to this method is that you will have to wait to be informed when the installation is ready, after Microsoft finishes all the test for any compatibility issues. 

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