Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to train your facebook ads..

Most of you use Ad Blockers and I am happy that you do for all sort of reasons, which I will not discuss here. This blog post is about how you can train the ads you get on different websites (mostly on social media) based on what you care less. Yes, that is right. If you really want to avoid being distrusted or even tempted from clicking on (sometimes malicious) ad links, then what is better than training the system behind the scenes to show you ads only on things that you really don't care about at all. :D

I will use the example of Facebook, which I have been doing for a long time and I realised just know that I haven't actually shared this with you all. 

What you see on the left hand side is a print screen from the ads I get on Facebook. Those side ads are not a problem due to way they are being displayed but, based on these ads, you get similar ads in your news feed as well. 

Thus, by training these ads, you will get relevant ads in your news feed as well. As you can see on your left, all the ads I get are about sports and sometimes about music

The reason is because I DO NOT CARE AT ALL about sports, or what is happening in the music industry

When you click to hide an ad, Facebook asks you the following:

 Why did you hide it?
 - I don't care about this
 - I keep seeing this
 - It's offensive or inappropriate 
 - Other
 - I want to see something else

When you are presented with these options, you just need to use them in a clever way. Anything that seems like you would be interested, lets say politics, environment, science, space exploration, ninjas, you select any on the options that classify it as "something you don't care". 

On the contrary, when you get ads that you really never cared about, such as sports, or gambling, you keep leaving these ads in your feed like it really matters to you. 

Doing that 3-4 times in a day, for a couple of days, trains the engine behind Facebook and starts displaying ads that you don't really care

Actually, our brains learn to ignore ads after a while, but when the content is irrelevant to your liking, your brain ignores them completely. I know it sounds weird, but you will end up going through your news feed and your brain will keep ignoring the ads. Especially ads that you don't care about, in such a way that you won't ever remember seeing the targeted add. Trust me and try it! ;)


  1. This blog post is absolutely wonderful! You are really clever. Most people get really annoyed with Facebook ads, but don't know the right way to get rid of them. As usual, tricking the system seems to be the best method! Congratulations on finding a relatively easy, quick method of getting rid of those pesky ads. I look forward to more clever blog posts.

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