Sunday, 18 September 2016

44CON 2016

Another year, another 44CON in London. A line-up of great talks, and a very good opportunity to catch-up with friends from the industry. The event took place between 16-18/Sep 2016, at the ILEC Conference Centre
This year you were able to solder your badge while you were there. There was a nice corner dedicated to soldering, with solder irons provided and all the bits to make it work. 

I ended up making six of those in order to help out a couple of friends. It was really easy to make and really fun to do, especially when it started working as it should. 

The badge is called HIDIOT and it is short for HID IO Toolkit. :) The Human Interface Device Input/Output Toolkit (HIDIOT) is a USB-based board for manipulating and experimenting with USB HID class devices. The version given out at 44CON is unreleased. In effect, we decided to make our badge a piece of 0day hardware.

If you have one of these bad boys, make sure you know who to program it and play with it. More information on the 44CON website here

Here is my badge working, with a blinking RGB LED!

I enjoyed 44CON and I really hope to see you all there next year! 

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