Monday, 19 September 2016

Securing Online Gaming 2016

The challenge of continuous security are going to be discussed at this year's annual "Securing Online Gaming" in London, on the 4th October 2016. It is a great to be among such amazing speakers and have the opportunity to speak about the challenges of securing online gaming. 

I will be representing DeepRecce which already has a leading role in the market when it comes to its cyber security solutions and its under 15 minutes deployable managed SOC solution across any number of hosts. 

My talk will discuss Online Gaming towards Cyber Resilience, and more specifically it will focus on:
  • Today's challenges & requirements towards security online gaming
  • How attacks are evolving, and what should we expect
  • Taking steps for an effective Cyber Resilience strategy

The event will take place near the St. Paul's Cathedral and The Barbican. This is directly opposite the Museum of London. Located at 200 Aldersgate etc.venues St Paul's is a state of the art conference centre with the largest room holding up to 400 along with a further 12 rooms for conference breakouts, training and meetings.

This industry depends on customer confidence and the cyber security status of online gaming companies, has a significant say in all this. Online gaming, which includes online gambling as well, resides on the security of data transmitted and stored, as much as the secure payment processes in place. The emerging cyber threats can cause material loss to game players and gaming companies themselves, and better, cutting-edge solutions are needed to protect the businesses and their customers. 

Risk management and fraud prevention solutions are only the beginning when it comes to protecting such demanding, complicated and real-time infrastructures. More specifically, cost-effective cyber security solutions are needed which are not only easy to deploy and manage, but also scalable and adaptive. 

Desision-makers from the online gaming industry will have the opportunity to see and evaluate cyber-security solutions offered by companies that lead the way when it comes to today's cybersecurity and cyberdefense strategies. 

I really hope to have the change to speak to all of you at the event. 

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